Genesis 49 — 03-06-15

by Bruce on March 6, 2015

1 Chapter a Day’s take

In Chapter 49, Jacob blesses his sons and tells what their futures hold–their long term futures. We see that his first three sons gave up the leadership role of the family by their behavior as young men. Judah, the fourth son, was the one who was given that role instead, and his descendants would include many kings and then the One–Jesus.

God forgives us of our sins when we ask Him for forgiveness, but sometimes there are still consequences that we pay, just as Jacob’s 3 older sons did. So, think–and pray–before you act. Also, when talking with your children/grandchildren about things in life that are sin or are not smart, encourage them to talk about the consequences that could happen. Help them to also think before they act.  

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