Genesis 38 — 02-12-15

by Bruce on February 12, 2015

1 Chapter a Day’s take

27 In due season the time of her delivery arrived and she had twin sons. 28 As they were being born, the midwife tied a scarlet thread around the wrist of the child who appeared first, 29 but he drew back his hand and the other baby was actually the first to be born. “Where did you come from!” she exclaimed. And ever after he was called Perez (meaning “Bursting Out”).

Genesis 38 gives us the narrative of the events that led to the birth of Judah’s sons, Perez and his twin, Zerah. And it is the story of a lot of people who made some very big mistakes! But even though Judah had made a mess of things, God did not punish the sons. In Nehemiah 11:6, Perez’ descendants are listed as “valiant men”. And in Matthew 1:3, we learn that one of Jesus’ ancestors was Perez.

God’s love and grace are extended to all of us!

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