It’s Easy

  • Read the recommended chapter of the day (we recommend using The Message Bible).
  • Ask God to reveal his truth to you prior to your daily reading.
  • Look and listen for God to drop a “nugget of truth” into your heart.
  • Briefly let us know what God taught you in the “Comments” section (below the reading).
  • Click the “Share” button to help others succeed in reading their Bible daily!

The Goal

The goal of 1 Chapter a Day is not to fill your brain with content. But, rather to look for God to drop a “nugget of truth” into your heart from each reading. Hopefully, this will be something you can apply to your life. The Bible is not simply a book to be learned…it is a book to be lived!

The Community

When you leave a comment at the conclusion of your reading, you bless others with your perspective. When you read the comments of others (and even reply), you encourage others and build community. This community experience brings accountability and a sense of partnership in reading the Bible together with others all around the world.


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