Exodus 1 — 03-11-15

by Bruce on March 11, 2015

1 Chapter a Day’s take

The verse that was meaningful to me today was:

17 But the midwives respected God more than they feared Pharaoh, so they did not carry out the Egyptian king’s command. Instead, they let all the boys live.

21 Because the midwives respected God, He blessed them with families of their own.

The midwives were told by Pharoah to kill the Hebrew babies who were boys, but they did not. They did what was right and God blessed them. Most of us are not told by our employers or those in authority over us to kill someone, but we are sometimes pressured to do something that is either illegal or immoral and goes against God’s laws. If we do what is right, God will bless us as He did the midwives. It might not seem like things are working out well at first, but keep trusting God. He will bless you.

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What is your take?

Share the verse that was special to you today and why. Be brief. Read the comments of others. Interact with them. Be encouraging.


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