Exodus 2 — 03-16-15

by Bruce on March 15, 2015

1 Chapter a Day’s take

The verse that was meaningful to me today was:

23 Many years later, Egypt’s king died. The Israelites continued to moan because of their bondage, and they cried out to be rescued from their oppression. Their cry for help ascended to God. 24 He heard their pleas and remembered the covenant He made with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. 25 God saw the situation the people of Israel were in, and He was moved to take action.

In verse 23, the Israelites continued to moan–so we know that they had been griping and moaning about their bondage for awhile. But what caused God to take action? When they cried out to be rescued. It doesn’t say that they calmly asked, but that they cried out. They were serious about their request! The key to freedom from an oppressive situation is to cry out to God for help.

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What is your take?

Share the verse that was special to you today and why. Be brief. Read the comments of others. Interact with them. Be encouraging.


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