Genesis 48 — 03-05-15

by Bruce on March 4, 2015

1 Chapter a Day’s take

The verse that was meaningful to me today was:

 Joseph: 18 No, Father! Since this one is the firstborn, put your right hand on his head.

19 But Israel refused.

Jacob: I know, my son, I know. Manasseh will also become a people, and he will be great. Nevertheless, his younger brother will be greater than he, and his children will give rise to many nations.

It was such a strong custom in the time that Jacob and Joseph live to bless the oldest son more than any of the others. They usually received a larger inheritance, too. But God told Jacob that the younger son would be the greatest. God didn’t care about the customs, only the person.

I’m so grateful that God does not care about birth order or gender or race, he only cares about our hearts. We can have an amazing impact on the world around us no matter when we were born or who we are if we let God work through us!

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What is your take?

Share the verse that was special to you today and why. Be brief. Read the comments of others. Interact with them. Be encouraging.


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