The Purpose of 1 Chapter a Day

1 Chapter a Day exists to help people read the Bible daily. It is not our purpose to teach people to “study” the Bible. We just desire to empower people to read the Bible…daily! This alone will bring about changed lives!

The Need for 1 Chapter a Day

Research shows a direct link between reading the Bible and spiritual maturity. Brad Waggoner’s book The Shape of Faith to Come reveals the results of a Lifeway Research study. The findings conclusively demonstrated that reading the Bible is the best predictor of spiritual maturity. In other words, if you are reading the Bible daily, you are growing spiritually.

The Strategy of 1 Chapter a Day

Remove barriers to daily Bible reading by:

  • providing daily Bible reading assignments. You will never wonder again what to read.
  • making the assignments doable and enjoyable instead of overwhelming and confusing.
  • simplifying the Bible reading experience by encouraging readers to look to God for a single “nugget of truth” from the reading instead of remembering all the content or understanding everything in the chapter.
  • organizing readings to maximize the reader’s exposure to essential Bible truths. This is done by reading New Testament books, Old Testament stories, Psalms, and Proverbs.
  • increasing faith in the reader by asking the reader to read each daily chapter out loud. Hearing the word through our ears increases faith (Romans 10:17). Additionally, reading out loud helps wandering minds to focus.
  • encouraging readers to use The Message translation for their daily readings. Of course, you may use any translation you prefer.

Can I make suggestions to 1 Chapter a Day?

Absolutely. We love hearing ideas from our readers.




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