Genesis 50 — 03-07-15

by Bruce on March 6, 2015

1 Chapter a Day’s take

The verse that was meaningful to me today was:

Joseph:19 Don’t be afraid. Am I to judge instead of God? It is not my place. 20 Even though you intended to harm me, God intended it only for good, and through me, He preserved the lives of countless people, as He is still doing today.

Joseph’s brothers were worried that after their father’s death, Joseph would get revenge for selling him into slavery. Joseph was sad that they did not believe he had forgiven them and reassured them that all was well. We are to treat others as Joseph did his brothers; it is not our place to judge others. We are to love them, even if they have wronged us, and trust God that He will make things work out for good.

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What is your take?

Share the verse that was special to you today and why. Be brief. Read the comments of others. Interact with them. Be encouraging.


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