Genesis 42 — 02-16-15

by Bruce on February 16, 2015

1 Chapter a Day’s take

Since Joseph was in charge of Egypt, he was the one responsible for selling the grain to the people who came from the various lands. When it was their turn, Joseph’s brothers came and bowed down before him with their faces to the ground. The moment Joseph saw his brothers, he recognized them even though nearly 20 years had passed since last he saw them, but he treated them like strangers and spoke gruffly to them.

God had given Joseph dreams of his brothers bowing down to him when he was a youth and 20 years later, they came true. But Joseph had to go through some tough times to get to the place God wanted him to be. The important thing was that Joseph continued to serve and trust God, no matter the circumstances.

God may have given you a dream or a goal at one time. Have you given up on Him or are letting Him prepare you? Are you giving your best to Him no matter the circumstances?

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