Genesis 41 — 02-15-15

by Bruce on February 15, 2015

1 Chapter a Day’s take

33 My advice is that Pharaoh should select someone who is wise and discerning and put him in charge of the land of Egypt during this time. 34 Pharaoh should appoint officers over the land and direct them to take one-fifth of all that the land of Egypt produces during the seven abundant years, 35 gather it together, store it up, and guard it under Pharaoh’s authority. That way each city will have a supply of food. 36 The food would then be held in reserve for the people during the seven years of famine that are sure to come to Egypt. In this way, the people of Egypt will not starve to death during the famine.

37 Pharaoh and all his advisors liked Joseph’s suggestion.

Joseph waited two years after he had interpreted the cupbearer’s dream to be brought to the attention of Pharoah. He then interpreted Pharoah’s dream and gave all the glory to God. But then this 30 year old prisoner did something interesting–he gave Pharoah advice! God had given Joseph the interpretation of Pharoah’s dream and Joseph was very confident that everything God had told him was true and would come to pass and so continued on with his advice. Joseph’s confidence–not arrogance–led Pharoah to see that he was someone blessed by God and he put Joseph as his second in command. Joseph waited on God and gave his best to those around him no matter the circumstances. Because of his trust in God and his competency, when the time was right, God was able to bless Joseph in a mighty way. God wants to bless us in a mighty way too–we have to trust Him and give our best in everything we do.

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